For some,

it meant swimming in the rain,  a 3-day week’s end – no school, no work – tubing down the tunnels and new found creeks. exploration outwards + inwards. crisscrossed, looking out the window, cool air flowing in – a break from the heat that had been beating down – a time for thoughts and long awaited tv shows, curling up to watch a movie, more than 30-minutes to eat a meal – strawberries, pasta, tea. (with milk.) – seeing the raindrops fall [drop] a steady rhythm. calm. cool.

For some,

it meant standing in a flooded basement, a standstill – and a rush – waves of emotion and emotionless[ness]. damaged goods (cars, couches, clothes) – wet. floating. [muddy] (lost) – climbing onto the roof to avoid consuming waters, injury, lifeless[ness]. finding sleeplessness. disappointment. mold. spiders. the tide that comes and goes. faith to continue and faith to give up what does not last and will not sustain.

And all of this, in a 5 mile radius. –> in one world.

Today, someone asked me, “Is it all worth it – life?”

it depends on what you are living for.

It is certainly not fair. But, things are not always what they seem. “Misfortune,” though unfortunate, may be the tide that shifts our paradigm towards one of authenticity (from one that does not fulfill) to one that is, perhaps, just the unrelenting truth.


You will never get anywhere

you actually want to go by walking in a straight line.


Much to your surprise, a beeline to the hot dog stand will only give you cancer. And was it worth it? Pushing over that kid with red baseball cap, tear-stained chubsicle face, soon-empty ice cream cone in hand? (9.8 seconds later…) Its sugary sphere now lactating on the summer’s hot sidewalk – done up by the kids on the corner with their pastel colored chalk – gripped by tiny sausage fingers (too many fish sticks in my opinion).

Ha. He’s crying now – the ice cream kid. and yet. You – you are laughing, grinning, overjoyed by your hot dog – dripping in red ketchup and Colonel Mustard – relishing its snug position in the bun before your yellowed marshmallow teeth “sink” into it. HA HA. Ha. Ha-ha….

You are actually a sphere. He’s a square – a tiny one at that. He’ll be a doctor. You’ll be his patient. He’ll roll you into his emergency room, stick a needle in you – and you’ll explode. Little bits flying past the crying widow – out the window – into the ketchup bin – outside at the hot dog stand.

She’ll take a spoon and put ketchup on her hot dog. Relish too. Thinking your little bit is a piece of pickle covered up in red – she’ll take a bite and enjoy it. (because she doesn’t know).

Moral of the story: zig. zag. to the salad stand. (don’t order any tomatoes).

For you —

Did you know? The stars, they twinkle on your behalf. Their shimmer falls softly into the waves, they churn slowly [deep] into the blue. Sea creatures giggle in delight – the stars have cloaked them in gold – all because of you.

Can you imagine?

(It’s true.)