sleep says hello

like a long day,

and a hot shower.

sits on you

like a square of warm butter on blueberry muffins,

like peanut butter honey on applesauce pancakes.

hugs you

like fresh bread and loaded potato soup,

like the sun on a Sunday afternoon.

comforts you

like the cool side of the pillow,

like mac n cheese in your 30s.

doesn’t want to say goodbye

like corn between your teeth,

like the memory of custard pie.

says goodbye

like the last cup of winter’s cider,

like putting your sweaters in the back of your closet.


Add an R to your tea to make it salty.

Drink some tea for your tears.
Drink some tears for your sorrow.

Wipe your eyes on your tea-shirt.
Tears don’t leave stains – only grains.

Of salt. For your wounds.

R stands for rainbows, rain boots, and rain drops.

U sits for ugly ducklings, umbrellas, and u-boats.

Eat a gum drop. Drink a tea drop. Find a bus stop.

Mop your way back home.

Phone a friend. Find a phone book.

It’s by the salt shaker. Underneath the Quaker.