she stood on the concrete driveway

cutting off all the green shrubbery

sweeping away all signs of life

until it was only



i’m rediscovering

my love of cereal


sitting before you

is someone who’s lived a vastly different reality than you

whether internally or externally.

find the differences among you

to shatter what you thought you knew about “the” world,

find the similarities between you

to start to piece it together again.

you’ll find it it takes on a new shape and more space

each time


it’s silly

that we wait till goodbyes to spend time together

to celebrate what is between us

only in leaving


the cockroach died

laid flat on his back

the ants came marching in

a whole foaming flood of them

consumed him.

the next morning

only a partial wing was left


when you have to make a decision,

and the choices you have before you & the ones you imagine all seem equally fit for what you value,

it’s possible that it becomes less about the decision, and more about the


The why is the thing that becomes a part of you, part of the mosaic of who you become. It develops your character.

It’s a small and broken piece of colored glass,

it fits into the cracks where light will shine through,

it spills stained glass patterns onto

what appeared to have been mere shadows before.