when you have to make a decision,

and the choices you have before you & the ones you imagine all seem equally fit for what you value,

it’s possible that it becomes less about the decision, and more about the


The why is the thing that becomes a part of you, part of the mosaic of who you become. It develops your character.

It’s a small and broken piece of colored glass,

it fits into the cracks where light will shine through,

it spills stained glass patterns onto

what appeared to have been mere shadows before.


“If there is one lesson I wish to bestow upon you, one shred of wisdom I have gained from my living dying days, it is this:

Let your heart lead you. Do not be afraid for there will be much to regret if reason and sense and fear are your only markers.”

– Caleb Harper (A sort of prodigal son) | The House Girl by Tara Conklin