i suspect

my unconscious self is
afraid of everything
falling apart. somehow i started to
believe that fear was the string
needed to hold everything together.

that tension would
keep everything in place. if
i just worried about it enough,
everything would be just
fine & dandy.

i didn’t know that fear needed me to survive,
not the other way around.

i didn’t know that i need change
like i need air.


instructions: hand-wash

The washing machine did not come into

work this week

We thought it’d be an unraveling,

an undone

bundle on our shoulders


it was a seam in solidarity

with women of past and present

a string pulling us back in time and across the globe –

however small of a tug a week of experience can muster

slipping out of mind

and into hands for


water &

escaping pockets of air in

the wringing of crisscrossed fibers,

We thought only machine could do

this. Did we forget about before

machine? When we were merely

human at the stream.

The strength of our hands, women we are

crisscrossed souls

in the fabric of existence.

A cord of three is stronger than one.

An interweaving of queen, infinite is

the strength spooled through

generation and place knit into a powerful

shawl for all occasions.